Level: 10
Quick Facts
Required Level: 6
Location: West Mt. Mjollnir
Reward NPC: Glain

Previous: Where is Ballein?
Quests > Mt. Mjollnir Zone

The Dullard

Get Whetstone (0 / 2)
Yes? The Saintess is looking for me?
Oh… I have to give whetstones to my sister… I'm sorry but, could you collect some whetstones from the Hard Looking Rocks and give them to Glain for me please? Thanks.
Acquire the designated number of whetstones from the Hard Looking Rocks and deliver them to Glain.
Hurry! I owe you !
Huh? I asked my brother for whetstones and someone else brings them? Oh, so my brother asked you to bring them? *Sigh* You know, I don't mind if he's busy with some other work, but he shouldn’t have used you to run an errand for him.