Invincible Venatu
Level: 35
Location: Prontera (533, 704)
Quick Facts
Required Level: 25
Location: Prontera
Start NPC: Invincible Venatu
Reward NPC: Invincible Venatu

Previous: Great Sword Delivery
Quests > Prontera City

Testing The Fighting Spirit

Complete @1
[ Warrior Class change Quest - 5 ]
After we sent you off to Gruparz, my men and I held a lengthy discussion on what test to put you through.
Our conclusion was that, we are Warriors, so we cannot approve of you unless we have a little fight with swords! Ha ha ha!
Everyone's curious as to why the one who is favored by Zeras, saved the Saintess and recognized by the King does not want to become a Knight and instead want to be one of us!
Everyone wants a go at you!
Now, if you can beat them, I'll help you become a Warrior!
Defeat 2 of Venatu's Warriors (Complete Windy Repar / Impregnable Klaus Quests)
First, talk to Windy Repar over there.
Whoa… Extraordinary! They are my men, but they second to no Warrior in Prontera!