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Lance of Dragon Tamer [1]

Armed with the Glaive of the legendary Petite knight, they were crowned "Dragon tamer". It is suitable for swift and violent assault and a rare good weapon with firm tactility. Young man, take it to create new legends! - by some legendary Blacksmith.


Atk + 420
M.Atk + 420
Max SP +200
[Dragon Breath] damge +1% for each refining level
Upon reaching refining +10, you’ll gain 5% Dmg and Magic Reduc. for 10s after using [Dragon Breath]
Upon reaching refining +15, [Dragon Breath] multiplier +100%
Level 0
Max Stack 1
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 4,800
Auctionable Yes
Storageable Yes

Dropped By

Lv 126 MVP

Exchange Price

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