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Kronos [1]

The top is decorated with the golden dragon which dominates the time and space and with the crystal ball containing strong magic. It was beautiful, but the problem is it's too heavy.


M.Atk + 205
Int +5
Max HP +500
For Refining +1, Int +1, Max HP +100
When using magic skills, there is 3% chance to enter a "Vision" state: M.Atk +25%, SP Cost +50%; the effect lasts 10 seconds
Level 0
Max Stack 1
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 13,655
Auctionable Yes
Storageable Yes

Dropped By

Lv 100 MVP

Contained By

Mysterious Box 2.0
Mysterious Box 3.0
Mysterious Box 4.0

Exchange Price

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