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Mystletainn Sky Forged

The dagger designed by the dwarf master is equipped with a hook that protects the user's hand and is therefore called a Gold Hook Dagger


Atk + 1030
Str +18
VIT +12
All Attributes +20
Hit +50
Atk +48%
Demi-Human Race Damage +50%
Max HP +32000
Dmg Reduc. +10%, Magic Reduc. +10%
Mystletainn releasing void power enables caster in [Void Space] to teleport in a short range. [Void Space]: players can immediately move to anywhere in a 6-meter range; Mystletainn allows players to use Void Space again within 6 seconds after previous use (continuous use within 1 second is unavailable). But the void force is so powerful that part of its energy will retain in the site after use. The remained energy will be sensed by all people. Every time the use of [Void Space] will set players into [Void hiding]. [Void hiding] enables caster to be invisible for 5 seconds. During [Void hiding], the damage of first attack will increase by 60%, both Atk and M.Atk increase by 300%; CD: 60 seconds.
Level 0
Max Stack 1
Sellable No
Sell Price 100
Auctionable No
Storageable Yes