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Moon Rabbit Gem

"In my memory of childhood, in the season when I wore scarf and a white puff escaped into the air with every breath I took, I always looked forward to my grandpa's return from adventure, for he'd make a lot of lovely bunny lamps for me with my grandma when he did. I'd drag these bunny lamp that gave off warm light with my playmate next door as we ran across the snow covered ground, laughing with our faces red with cold. This is the memory I've been cherishing till this day. "- Chapter 27, Book 3 of My Grandma's Story (Use it to drag a candle-lit white bunny lamp that gives of warm light which evokes memories)


Level 0
Max Stack 999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 100
Auctionable No
Storageable Yes

Contained By

Mysterious Box 2.0
Mysterious Box 3.0
Moon Blessing Silver Chest
Mysterious Box 4.0