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Belief Token

Issued by the guild management center, it can be used to raise the blessing level of guild faith, and will be automatically consumed when the cost of faith exceeds 2000 Zeny.


Level 0
Max Stack 9999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 100
Auctionable No
Storageable Yes

Contained By

Lv30 Autumn Chest
Lv.50 Autumn Chest
Lv.70 Autumn Chest
New Year Goods Chest
Lv.30 Growth Pack
Lv.50 Growth Pack
Lv.70 Growth Pack
Lv.90 Growth Pack
Goblin Treasure
Evil Chest
Mysterious Box 2.0
Apology Box 2.0
Practicing Pack
T2 Practicing Pack
Advancing T2 Practicing Pack
Christmas Sweet Chest
Christmas Sweet Chest (excluded)
Christmas Sweet Chest (excluded)
Christmas Warm Chest
Mysterious Box 3.0
Apology Box 3.0
Dog Year Gift Pack
Love Chest
Kafra Co. random item pack
Mysterious Box 4.0
Turkey Feast Gift Box
Nannan's Gift
Ruby Mystery Bag
Sapphire Mystery Bag
Server Launch Lucky Bag