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Fantasy·Silver Bracer

A general license for Dreamtours issued by [Fantasy Circus]. With this shining symbol, you can open the door to the fantasy world. Currently accessible device: Goblin Forest [Ferris Wheel of Love - Ring of Stars]), South Gate or Mjolnir Mountains [Promise Hill - Flower Sea], Glast Heim [Cat's Home - BIGCAT]


Level 0
Max Stack 9999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 50
Auctionable No
Storageable No

Contained By

Lv.50 Autumn Chest
New Year Goods Chest
Lv.50 Growth Pack
Lv.90 Growth Pack
Mysterious Box
Apology Box
Mysterious Box 2.0
Apology Box 2.0
Mysterious Box 3.0
Apology Box 3.0
Kafra Co. random item pack
Mysterious Box 4.0
Love at First Sight Chest