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Chef's Eagle Eye

The God of Hunting Ullr is worshipped by numerous mortals. In the past, People always had to worry about their next meal. A family would have to spend the whole year in famine if rainstorm or draught struck. In the long snow season, They had to risk their lives going out hunting. But Ullr taught people how to hunt, and tasty meat became more frequently seen on dining tables. (Use it to gain 40 stacks of Eagle Eye. There is a chance to gain food ingredient for each stack consumed. Note that not all monsters drop food ingredients. )


Level 0
Max Stack 999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 100
Auctionable No
Storageable Yes

Contained By

Miu Blessing Chest
Festival Lucky Bag┬ĚLast Quarter Moon
Christmas Sweet Chest
Christmas Sweet Chest (excluded)
Christmas Sweet Chest (excluded)
Christmas Warm Chest
Winter Warm Chest
Mysterious Box 3.0
Royal Ceremony Lucky Bag
Returning Pack II
Dog Year Gift Pack
Moon Blessing Gold Chest
Moon Blessing Silver Chest
Adventurer's Lucky Bag
Love Chest
White Love Gift Box
Mysterious Box 4.0