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Adventure Meatball

Adventure Meatball eliminates hunger! The food prepared for pets out on an adventure [Use directly to get various convenient adventure items]


Level 0
Max Stack 9999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 100
Auctionable No
Storageable Yes

Contained By

Mysterious Box 2.0
Miu Blessing Chest
Festival Lucky Bag┬ĚLast Quarter Moon
Cat's Gratitude
Dog's Loyalty
Winter Warm Chest
Mysterious Box 3.0
Royal Ceremony Lucky Bag
Gashapon Test Pack (M)
Gashapon Test Pack (F)
Friendship Chest
Returning Pack II
Returning Pack III
Returning Pack IV
Returning Pack V
New Year Chest
New Year Chest
Dog Year Gift Pack
Moon Blessing Gold Chest
Moon Blessing Silver Chest
Adventurer's Lucky Bag
Love Chest
White Love Gift Box
Holiday Tour Supply Pack
Poring Holiday Lucky Bag
Day Lily Gift Box
Mysterious Box 4.0
Jemmy's Gift Box
The Year of Pig blessing Giftbox
Love at First Sight Chest
Myriads of Lights Chest Gold
Myriads of Lights Chest Silver
Big Cat Celebration Giftbox
Rudolph Mysterious Box
Poring Blessing Box
Music of Dreams Giftbox