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Seed of Mastela

The miraculous shining seed is said to be the seed of a rare fruit. Rumor said that Beru Dandy the Godness planted it at dask, and it had surprisingly grown into a great tree with countless luscious fruits on it on the next morning. Whose yearning could create the miracle like this?


Level 0
Max Stack 999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 180
Auctionable Yes
Storageable Yes

Contained By

Savage Babe's Silver Chest
Savage Babe's Gold Chest
Apology Box 2.0
Miu Blessing Chest
Festival Lucky Bag┬ĚLast Quarter Moon
Cat's Gratitude
Dog's Loyalty
Christmas Sweet Chest
Christmas Sweet Chest (excluded)
Christmas Sweet Chest (excluded)
Christmas Warm Chest
Royal Ceremony Lucky Bag
Idol's Will
New Year Chest
New Year Chest
Dog Year Gift Pack
Big Cat Royal Pack 2.0
Moon Blessing Gold Chest
Moon Blessing Silver Chest
Love Chest
White Love Gift Box
Goblin Celebration Chest
Poring Party Gift Box
Day Lily Gift Box
Rice Dumpling Box
Summer festival gift box
Maiden's Gif Box
Jemmy's Gif Box
Turkey Feast Gift Box
The Year of Pig blessing Giftbox
Love at First Sight Chest
Myriads of Lights Chest Gold
Myriads of Lights Chest Silver
Rudolph Mysterious Box
Poring Blessing Box
Nannan's Gift
Ruby Mystery Bag
Sapphire Mystery Bag
Server Launch Lucky Bag
Gift of Love and Courage
Concert Support Giftbox

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