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May. 2017 Premium

"We traveled through the dense forest crawling with dragon monsters and arrived at Glast Heim on the sixth day of our journey. Ill omen hangs in the night sky. But we will not falter. The bond of friendship is the source of our strength. Our hands are tight around the axe and hammer to crush the monsters. " To appreciate the adventurers who have been supporting us for a long time, the famous Kafra Company specially launched a special small card in the form of a monthly magazine. Hold it and you will feel its magical power. It's practical and highly collectible.


Level 0
Max Stack 999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 100
Auctionable Yes
Storageable Yes

Contained By

Gashapon Test Pack (M)
Gashapon Test Pack (F)
2017 Premium Collection

Exchange Price

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