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Looks like a gentleman who is gentle, Intelligent and attractive to females. He is cursed, Immortal and bloodthirsty. His inner quality is weird, his behavior is absurd and his ambition is huge but distorted. His desire to conquer is strong and the means he chooses are crazy.


Level 100
Type MVP
Zone Field
Race Demon
Element Shadow
Size Large
Passive Lv 999
Base Exp 1
Job Exp 1


ATK 2,324
MATK 1,162
DEF 500
MDEF 200
HP 10,152,093
Hit 532
Flee 128
Move Spd 150
Atk Speed 1


Dracula Card
Any attack has a 10% chance to proportionally convert the damage caused by enemy into your own SP value.
Perma Buff
Max HP +28


Blood Sucker Blueprint (?%)
Dracula Card (?%)
5 × Necklace of Oblivion (?%)
Wrapping Lace (?%)
Transformation Scroll (Dracula) (?%)
Creste's Royal Medal (?%)
2375 × Zeny (?%)
Enchanted Robe [1] (?%)