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We are a fan project that translates the chinese Ragnarok Online Mobile client into english. Our project is offereing a Version which can be used by everyone . Every person who is a Patreon Supporter have some addtional features in the client.

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Clo, Flash, Gardosen, Suger

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obt ios 3.0.1 Build 138665
obt android 3.0.1 Build 138663

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Android Patcher 1.3.0 Android Patcher 1.3.0(SG)


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Q) Will I get banned if I use the english patch?
A) This is an unofficial fan patch so we can't guarantee that you won't be banned but you gain no unfair advantages and we haven't heard of anyone who got banned.
Q) Will there be an iOS version?
A) It's a lot harder to release an english patch for iOS because of the system restrictions. We are currently working on a solution for this problem but have no fix ETA. We hope that this solution will also work on devices without a jailbreak.
Q) It takes a very long time to patch. Is it normal or what can I do to fix this?
A) The patch is about 30MB so the patch time mostly depends on your internet speed. If it takes long even though you have a fast internet connection try to use a VPN (especially in SEA countries) to improve your connection to our server that is located in Europe.
Q) There was a game update and everything is back in chinese. The patcher says that there is no patch available. How can I patch again?
A) Updates often overwrite the game files we patched which is the reason the language gets reverted. We need to adjust our patch in order to change the new game files. We release updated patches for Patreon supporters as soon as possible and for free users within 24hours after a patch. The time depends mostly on real life factors (e.g. if we are at work or home).
Q) How much of the game is already translated?
A) The most important parts of the game like monster, npc, map, skill and items names, skill descriptions and quest traces are already translated! See the example images for more information. We try to translate new content as fast as possible. Keep in mind that Patreon supporters get all patches 4 weeks before they get released in the free version.

Example Images