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Dead Branch

After an extremely long time it developed magical branches with a mysterious power that can summon anything living. The summoned monster can survive for up to 10 minutes. (Can only be used in guild territory.)


Level 0
Max Stack 9999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 50
Auctionable Yes
Storageable Yes

Dropped By

Lv 35 Mini Boss
Lv 56 Monster
Lv 65 Mini Boss
Lv 72 Monster
Lv 102 Monster
Lv 105 Mini Boss

Contained By

Lv.40 Autumn Chest
Lv.60 Autumn Chest
Lv.80 Autumn Chest
First Test Gift Pack
Lv.40 Growth Pack
Lv.60 Growth Pack
Lv.80 Growth Pack
Mysterious Box
Mysterious Box 2.0
Mysterious Box 3.0
Mysterious Box 4.0

Exchange Price

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