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First Test Gift Pack

Designed for lovable RO fans! With numerous fine gifts! Have a good time!


Level 0
Max Stack 9999
Sellable Yes
Sell Price 100
Auctionable No
Storageable Yes


26,175,000 × Base Exp
Medium JOB Potion
20 × Dead Branch
3 × Bloody Dead Branch
1,000,000 × Zeny
15,000 × Eden Coin
20 × Token of Siegfried
100 × Oridecon
200 × Elunium
100 × White Potion
100 × Blue Potion
20 × Honey
20 × Yggdrasil Berry
3 × White Disc Chest
Western Grace
Valkyrie Helm
Evil Wing
Pirate Bandana
Magic Eyes
Poo Poo Hat
Apple of Archer
Heart Hairpin
Flower Band
Bunny Band
Drooping Cat
Cresent Hairpin
Army Cap
Nine Tails
Devil Wing
Angeling Wing
Eye Bandage
Elven Ears
Zorro Masque
Fish In Mouth
Halberd [1]
P. Staff
Morning Star
Chloe Bow
Iron Armor [1]
Buckler [1]
Ragamuffin Manteau [1]
Vidar's Boots [2]
Diamond Ring[2]
Frozen Rose Ring [1]
50 × Butterfly Wing
50 × Fly Wing
Skill Reset Rod
10 × Eternal Rock
Lunatic Card
Fabre Card
Thief Bug Card
Munak Card
Poring Card
Roda Frog Card
Eclipse Card
Toad Card
Male Thief Bug Card
Smokie Card
Tarou Card
Spore Card

Contained By

Test Challenging Pack